Au bonheur
des ours


58 children

01 40 01 00 49

De 8h00 à 19h00

180 avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris


Au Bonheur des Ours is a crèche with places for 58 kids divided into 3 age groups. Babies join the ‘Friandises’ (sweeties) and ‘Sucres d’orge’ (candy cane) groups, slightly older kids join the ‘Minots’ (nippers) and the oldest pupils are known as the ‘Gavroches’.

Each section has its own dedicated team of professional teachers and helpers. These teams are made up of specialist educators, childcare assistants and helpers with the CAP Petite Enfance qualification, led by a qualified nursery nurse. A clinical psychologist, a paediatrician and a musician join us once every week.

As well as the classrooms and playrooms, the crèche has a motor skill play zone, a paddling pool and an outdoor playground.

At Au Bonheur des Ours our objective is to respect the needs of each child while maintaining a group environment and teaching the kids to live together. We remain committed to our educational values :

- encouraging learning through play

- giving kids the freedom to develop their imagination

- promoting conversation and understanding

- respecting, the needs, well-being and interests of each child.

Our teams work tirelessly to make Au Bonheur des Ours a warm, welcoming place for kids and parents alike.