La Fabrique
des ours


22 children

01 45 84 54 23

De 8h00 à 19h00

107 rue Regnault, 75013 Paris


The team at La Fabrique des Ours is equipped to welcome 22 kids on a full- or part-time basis, from the age of three months right up to kindergarten, split into two groups: ‘Les Roues Doudou’ for the little ones and the ‘Juniors’ for those who can walk.

The members of the team are trained in the techniques of carrying children in baby slings, creating an atmosphere of safety and trust and making separation from mum easier to bear for young babies.

The professionals at La Fabrique des Ours are also committed to one of the key values of ABC Puériculture: Hand Signs, (or non-verbal communication for young children), a way of communicating through gestures for kids who don’t yet speak. The team includes a Director and trained nursery nurse, a teacher specialising in young children and numerous childcare assistants.

La Fabrique des Ours is a small, family facility with a team of professionals always available to chat with parents and help them with parenting questions. For the kids this is a space where they can learn how to socialise and respect others, while also discovering a host of new activities. A childcare solution for parents, a place of fun and exploration for kids.