Looking after the little ones while you work !

It’s as easy as ABC: the security, the support and the reassurance that comes from working with qualified professionals.

Your child

Remains at home, in a safe and familiar environment. Care comes from a trained, experienced childcare professional.

Your in-home childcare helper is trained and experienced.

Qualified and experienced nursery nurses and (or) specialist educators will visit your home once a month, advising your in-home helper on how best to care for and nurture the development of your child.
Each month your helper will receive a half-day of training on key childcare topics, helping them to continue their professional development and provide the best possible care for your little one.

A solution with numerous advantages

There is the option of two families combining their childcare, up to a limit of two children under the age of 3.
Our professional helpers can also look after school-age children after class, on Wednesdays and during the school holidays.
As the legal employer of your in-home helper, you will be eligible for the PAJE allocation (Services provided for young children) and a corresponding deduction from your income tax bill.

Financial Support


Versée aux familles qui emploient du personnel pour garder un ou plusieurs enfants de moins de 6 ans à leur domicile.
Pour en savoir plus : www.paje.fr

BEBEDOM les hauts de Seine

More information :www.bebedom.fr


Refer to the Mayor of your place of residence

Contact Creche at home
36 avenue des Ternes
75017 PARIS
Tél : 01 40 55 95 52

N° d'agrément : R/010911/A/075/Q/157
N° de déclaration : SAP344824792


Gross monthly salary depending on experience Annual subscription fee Monthly management fees
Childcare for one child de 1 800 €
à 2 200 €
180 € 70 €
Shared child-minding, per family de 900 €
à 1 300 €
180 € 55€

These management fees cover :

  • legal support and accounting
  • monthly follow-up visits to your home
  • a half-day of training each month
  • access to ABC Puériculture's babysitting and 'Help for Mum' services
  • A substitute carer within 48 hours if your designated childminder falls ill.