Les Calin'ours


30 children from walking to 4 years

01 42 88 99 93

De 8H30 à 18H30

1 rue Charles Tellier, 75016 PARIS


Les Calin'ours welcomes kids from Monday to Friday, on a part or full-time basis. We have two playrooms where the children gather, eat their meals and play (educational games, building blocks, books etc.). There is also a handicraft activity room for workshops with plasticine, paints, cut and stick etc. The PE room and paddling pool are specially designed for games which help kids to develop their motor skills. Last but not least, the outdoor playground is equipped with a playhouse, bikes and scooters.

We have a fully-trained team dedicated to looking after the children and liaising with their families, led by a qualified nursery nurse and including specialist educators, childcare assistants and nursery helpers. We have regular visits from a child psychologist who helps our staff to develop and expand their work, and a musician also joins us on a regular basis to introduce the children to music and songs.

At Les Calin'ours our goal is to provide a safe environment in which children can develop and fulfil their potential. Hence the importance we place on certain key educational objectives. First and foremost we place a great emphasis on ensuring that each child feels safe and at ease (with certain comforting reference points to structure their time here), supporting their development with a special focus on spontaneity, creativity and the pleasure of discovering, experimenting and taking part. We also seek to foster the children’s individual autonomy by basing our work around their natural timetable, all while helping them to get used to living and learning with others.